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Montana Petroleum Association 

The Montana Petroleum Association, Inc. is an expanding non-profit, voluntary trade association, made up of more than 150 diverse members; including upstream, midstream, and downstream companies.

Montana Board of Oil & Gas Conservation

The Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation (MBOGC) administers the Montana oil and gas conservation laws; promotes conservation and prevents waste in the recovery of resources; and regulates oil and gas exploration and production. 

Montana Association of Counties

The “Montana Association of County Commissioners” was formed in January 1909, for the purposes of providing advocacy on behalf of its members at the State Legislature. In 1973, the Association was reorganized as the “Montana Association of Counties” to allow for the creation of a permanent office and authorized the hiring of an Executive Director and appropriate staff.

Montana Coal Council

The Montana Coal Council is a non-profit association whose membership includes all major coal mine operators, holders of Montana coal reserves, those who ship coal, utilities who use coal, and numerous suppliers and businesses directly and indirectly involved in the coal industry.

Montana Department of Revenue

The MT Department of Revenue administers more than 40 state taxes and fees, including income taxes, natural resource taxes, corporation taxes and miscellaneous taxes and determines values for all taxable property, including agricultural land, residential real estate, commercial real estate, forest land, business equipment, railroads and public utilities.

Montana State Legislature

The Montana State Legislature is composed of the 100-member Montana House of Representatives and the 50-member Montana Senate. The Montana Constitution dictates that the legislature meet in regular session for no longer than 90 days in each odd-numbered year.